Tuition Types and Rates

1 on 1 tuition

$100 per hour
2 hrs per session

Private tuition within NUS. Flexible lesson plan and timeslots.

If you find it hard to follow school work, 1-on-1 tuition allows us to work on areas you are weak in.
I will revise through important concepts of topics taught in school, followed by answering your queries.
If needed, I will also provide additional questions to improve your problem-solving skills and to prepare you for the subject.
1-on-1 tuition also gives flexibility in lesson schedules and if you require Math or Physics help as well, this option is highly recommended.

Group tuition (3-6 pax)

$320 per student
4 x 2 hrs

Fixed lesson plan, timeslots, and location. Rates inclusive of materials provided.

Group tuition would be recommended for students who want to get a head start in order to follow school lectures and tutorials more closely.
Comprehensive notes and tutorial questions will be provided, similar to lessons carried out in school. However, a small group provides a more conducive environment for students to voice out their queries.
Lessons will be carried out according to lesson plans with regular topical quizzes to make sure students fully grasp the concepts.
Discounted rates would be given to students who want to take Math or Physics group tuition as well.

Lesson plan

(for group tuition)

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