Frequently Asked Questions

About me

What are your teaching experience?

I have been a private tutor immediately after finishing my 'A' levels. In fact, I got my first student even before my 'A' levels ended.
My official teaching experiences in schools include:

  • Aug 2016 - present - Undergraduates Year 1 Physics in NUS
  • Nov 2015 - Dec 2016 - JC Chemistry and Physics in MDIS College
  • Aug 2012 - Dec 2014 - Undergraduates Year 1 Computing in NUS.
  • Jan 2010 - Jun 2010 - JC1 Chemistry in Hwa Chong Institution (College)

For detailed qualifications and teaching experience, please go to the about me page

Is your teaching effective?

I would think so. In my initial years as a tutor, most of my students were actually introduced by existing students who found me effective.
All my students did well for the subjects I taught, with everyone scoring at least a B and at least 60% scoring an A.
I have also received very good teaching ratings for the modules I taught in university.

I see you teach Math, Chemistry and Physics. Are you capable of teaching these 3 subjects?

Yes. When I was in Hwa Chong, I was consistently ranked in the top 1 percentile for these 3 subjects.
My actual ranking was 2nd for Chemistry, 3rd for Physics and 11th for Mathematics.

I also did not receive any tuition as a student and I was not the super studious kind who pays 100% attention in class.
As such, I was pretty much self-taught and along the way, I began to pick up skills that are not really taught in class such as summarizing the key essence of the syllabus and understood some of the common misconceptions that students had (including me in the past).
I was so familiar with the syllabus that I was able to summarise my own notes without referring to the notes provided by schools.
Now, as a teacher, I am using these notes to help students better understand the key concepts, which is essential if they want to do well in the topics.

As for my credentials, I graduated from Chemical Engineering with First Class Honors and my coursework focused heavily on these 3 subjects and I have taken undergraduate courses on these subjects.
Furthermore, I minored in physics and is currently a Ph.D student in the field of Physics.

Group Tuition

Who should attend group tuition?

  • Students who are weak in the subject and cannot follow the lessons taught in school.
  • Motivated students who want to do well in the subject.

How are the lessons conducted?

During the class, I will be teaching the topics taught in school in a concise manner with handouts that are well-summarised.
Along the way, I will also be able to point out things to look out for, such as common exam questions and mistakes students usually make.
Students are also given tutorials and we will go through them in the next lesson.

Are there any openings for JC group tuition?

The JC1 classes will start in February 2017, tentatively 7-9pm on Saturdays or Sundays.

Currently, there is a slot for JC2 tuition from 630-830pm on Tuesdays for Physics and 2-4pm on Saturdays for Chemistry.

But if I am already weak in the subject, shouldn't I require more attention and opt for 1-1 tuition?

Not necessarily. The class size is typically 3-6 students, held in a small room, so I am able to give you the attention needed.
Most of the time, students perform badly because they cannot follow the lessons taught in school.
I personally also found it hard to follow lectures in a big lecture theatre when I was in school and I basically had to relearn most of the syllabus by myself.
From there, I understood what are the common misconceptions I had, as well as the key points within a chapter.
As such, I have developed methods to teach the topics to make sure students understand the most important concepts so that they can perform during exams.

From experience, it's hard to deliver a lecture during a 1-1 tuition because the sessions are more for students to clarify their doubts rather than to learn a topic.
Also, the lesson plan would be exactly the same as that in a group tuition, so there is no point in paying more for the 1-1 tuition.
Furthermore, I am open to students consulting me, so if you have any questions, I am definitely willing to take them.

Is the place conducive for lessons?

Yes, there will be a whiteboard for me to use, as well as tables and chairs for students.

Is there any additional cost for materials provided?

No, all handouts will be provided, but students will also have access to my materials online.
So, if you want to be ahead of the class, you can always read them up.

1-on-1 Tuition

Who should attend group tuition?

  • Students who understand the topics but need occasional help in solving problems.
  • Students who need help in more than one of these subjects: chemistry, physics, mathematics

Sometimes, students just want a session to clarify any doubts that they have for different subjects and there is no point for these students to go for group tuition because it's a waste of their time to attend 2 hours of lesson for a single subject and not get their queries answered at the end of the day. For these students, I would recommend 1-to-1 tuition.

How are the lessons conducted?

During the lesson, I will usually provide quick summary for the topics covered in school and entertain any questions the students encounter.
Usually, the lesson plan is flexible and students can let me know in advance the topics they want to go through and I will prepare materials if necessary.

Will you provide handouts that you give to your group tuition students?

Generally I don't, because the focus here is not to deliver a lecture as I mentioned above.
Sometimes I will provide them with handouts if I find that their school notes are too convoluted for them to understand the topic.
Students will have access to all my teaching materials and if they want to go through the lessons with my handouts, I will be more than happy to prepare it for them.

Are you able to come to our place for 1-to-1 tuition if we pay for your transport?

It really depends on where you stay. If it's a convenient location that fits within my schedule, I don't mind going to your place without any additional fees.
However, currently I have a very tight schedule as I am a Ph.D student with teaching commitments given by NUS, as well as giving tuition.
At present, most of my work is based within NUS so I would really appreciate it if you can come to NUS for the lessons.

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